Viscosity Modifiers/Index Improvers

Including PARATONE®

About Viscosity
The viscosity of a lubricant is influenced by changes in its temperature. Oil’s viscosity index provides an indication of its potential for application of a wide temperature range. Viscosity index improvers (VII) are widely used in the lubricant field, although engine oils represent their largest application. They are used to formulate various multigrade oils, such as SAE OW-20, SW-30 and 15W-40.


PARATONE® Products


Oronite offers the PARATONE® family of viscoty index improvers, which has been a recognized industry leader since the 1930s. The PARATONE® product line has several major innovations to its credit, including the development of the first Olefin Copolymer VII.

Our polymer technology products provide many benefits, including:

  • Excellent fuel economy performance
  • Strong stay-in-grade performance for long drain intervals
  • Low contribution to cold-cranking viscosity for outstanding volatility
  • Good low temperature performance while not sacrificing high temperature protection

PARATONE® VII combines excellent viscometric effectiveness with high oxidative stability.

MCC Viscosity Modifiers/Index Improvers
MCC carries a line of “non-licensed” index improvers for use in non-licensed applications, such as Aftermarket Products. These viscosity improvers come in several shear stability indexes and can be ordered in solid polymer or concentrate form.