New Lubricant Additives 

July 2011, Olathe, Kans. – Four new lubricant additive products have been added to the comprehensive family of additive solutions offered by Midwest-based MidContinental Chemical Company, Inc. (MCC). The additives are specifically engineered to improve the performance of certain oils, greases and specialty lubricants. The products range from a rust and oxidation inhibitor additive to a seal swell agent, as described below.

  • Rust and oxidation inhibitor additive. This additive provides the necessary rust and oxidation inhibition in circulating oils, preservative oils, turbine oils, low pressure hydraulic fluids and more. It’s key performance characteristics include:
    - Oxidation protection
    - Control of acid formation
    - Corrosion protection (ferrous and non-ferrous)
    - Water shedding
    - Non-foaming
  • Corrosion inhibitor additive. MCC’s lube corrosion inhibitor additive is an oil soluble, organic, ashless rust inhibitor developed to protect against ferrous metal (rust) corrosion in a wide
    variety of lubricant applications. The corrosion inhibitor provide a barrier between the metal surfaces and harmful elements. It is suitable for use in:
    - R&O/turbine oils
    - Hydraulic oils
    - Compressor oils
    - Industrial and automotive gear oils
    - Greases
    - Aftermarket penetrating oils
  • Air compressor/paper machine lubricant additive. This additive is designed to meet the performance requirement of hydraulic, circulating and other lubricating oils in modern industrial equipment. It provides outstanding EP (extreme pressure) wear protection, high temperature oxidation stability, plus the alkalinity retention and rust protection qualities of a preservation oil to prevent acid and water corrosion of steel.