MidContinental Chemical Company, Inc. Introduces Crankcase Oil Dilution Additive Solution

July 2011, Olathe, Kans. – A new engine oil additive from Midwest-based MidContinental Chemical Company, Inc. (MCC) offers relief for crankcase oil dilution related to the use of biodiesel fuel and biodiesel fuel blends. The multi-functional additive is proficient at stabilizing a variety of biodiesel fuel types produced from multiple feedstocks and assorted manufacturing processes. The low ash additive is used in combination with heavy-duty engine oils to help reduce piston deposits and lead bearing corrosion as a result of biodiesel use.

The biodiesel challenge Biodiesel fuel offers several benefits over diesel fuel, including lower levels of emissions, lower soot formation and increased lubricity. However, certain properties of biodiesel produce higher fuel dilution levels in the crankcase than mineral diesel fuel. Some of the biodiesel fuel injected into the cylinder is unspent during the combustion process, and works its way past the piston rings and into the crankcase where it “dilutes” or mixes with the engine's lubricating oil (crankcase dilution). Crankcase dilution can decrease an engine oil's viscosity and lubricity, and it can diminish the performance of anti-wear additives. Increased wear can lead to premature engine failure if not properly monitored and managed. MidContinental Chemical Company, Inc.’s additive solution MidContinental Chemical Company, Inc. has developed an engine oil additive engineered to counter the effect of organic acids that develop in the crankcase that attack certain metals, such as the lead in lead bearings (which can lead to excessive wear on piston rings). The engine oil additive also prevents oxidation and formation of deposits. Philip Korosec, Technical Director at MidContinental Chemical Company, Inc., states, "The additive we've produced is a combination of specific detergents and antioxidants that help counter corrosion, and helps control some of the deposits formed due to the use of biodiesel fuel." According to Steve Parsons, General Manager for Lubricant Additives at MCC, “Biodiesel fuels have become a viable alternative to traditional fuels on the world energy market. Because biodiesel is made from plants and other organic products, it does present some issues that we didn’t have with mineral diesel. Fortunately, our in-house staff has the capabilities to develop solutions that allow our customers to take advantage of the many benefits of biodiesel fuel.”