Product Releases

White Paper - Cold Flow Diesel Fuel Packages: Protecting Equipment When Temperatures Drop

January 5, 2018 | Dr. Bernard C. Roell, Jr.

Choosing the appropriate cold flow additive is critical to ensuring that your diesel fuel will operate in cold weather climates—regardless of the source of fuel.  Using a properly formulated cold flow diesel additive package formulated for light, middle, or heavy fuel with/without biodiesel could be the difference in your equipment operating in cold climate conditions.

MCC's Everett Osgood Pens Top Tier Diesel Article in FMN

April 2017, Olathe, Kans. - Everett Osgood, MCC Product Manager--Fuel Additives, wrote an article for Fuel Marketer News outlining Top Tier Diesel and the future of the program. Click the "Read more" to take a look!

New Lubricant Additives 

July 2011, Olathe, Kans. – Four new lubricant additive products have been added to the comprehensive family of additive solutions offered by Midwest-based MidContinental Chemical Company, Inc. (MCC). The additives are specifically engineered to improve the performance of certain oils, greases and specialty lubricants. The products range from a rust and oxidation inhibitor additive to a seal swell agent, as described below.

MidContinental Chemical Company, Inc. Introduces Crankcase Oil Dilution Additive Solution

July 2011, Olathe, Kans. – A new engine oil additive from Midwest-based MidContinental Chemical Company, Inc. (MCC) offers relief for crankcase oil dilution related to the use of biodiesel fuel and biodiesel fuel blends. The multi-functional additive is proficient at stabilizing a variety of biodiesel fuel types produced from multiple feedstocks and assorted manufacturing processes. The low ash additive is used in combination with heavy-duty engine oils to help reduce piston deposits and lead bearing corrosion as a result of biodiesel use.

MCC Announces Ashless TBN Additive

July 2011, Olathe, Kans. – A new engine oil additive from Midwest-based MidContinental Chemical Company, Inc. (MCC) boosts the total base number (TBN) of lubricants for diesel engines, allowing the user to extend the drain interval. The total base number measures the oil's ability to withstand acid buildup in an engine. The better an oil endures acid buildup, the longer the useful life of the oil.