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Aircraft Fuel Additives

Other Fuel Additives

Detergent additives are important chemicals in the prevention of deposits being formed in the combustion systems of both gasoline- and diesel-powered engines. Dirty combustion systems lead to loss of horsepower, poor fuel economy, poor idling and increased emissions. MCC has an extensive line of detergent additives for both gasoline - and diesel-powered engines. Additive and treat rate recommendations are available for one tank clean up or to keep clean.

Jet Fuel De-icer
It is important for jet fuels to be free of water. During flight, any water present in the fuel will freeze, thus cutting off fuel supply to the jet engine. MCC offers de-icer products that prevent ice formation in jet fuel contaminated with water.

We offer antioxidants that are used to stabilize lube oils, gasoline, diesel, biodiesel blends and other chemical products.